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A weapons charge can be a serious offence, which is why you should consult with an experienced lawyer as soon as possible. The Law Office of Kalina & Tejpal can help you develop a defense to use in order to fight your weapons charge.

What is considered a weapon?

Most people think of firearms when asked about weapons, but you should know that other items are considered weapons too. Any object that you could use that would inflict harm upon someone is considered a weapon. Under the law, some weapons are illegal to possess, while others become illegal when you injure or harm another person. Weapons that are banned by the law include:

  • Some Explosives
  • A Variety of Knives
  • Firearm Silencers
  • Some Types of Firearms
  • Various Types of Brass or Steel Knuckles
  • Some Hoax Bombs and Fake Guns

Other weapons that are not legally banned, but could lead to a weapons offence include:

  • Cross-bows
  • Ammunition
  • Antique Firearms
  • Handguns
  • Cartridge Magazines
  • Replica Firearms
  • and more…

Storage and Licencing

To legally own a firearm, a person is required to have a firearms acquisition certificate. There are rules for transporting and storing firearms and ammunition. Non-compliance can lead to serious consequences.


The violations for a weapons offence range from minor to more serious. Examples of minor weapon offences include carrying an unloaded weapon, unknowingly purchasing a stolen firearm, or concealing a weapon without violent content. The more serious weapon offences include carrying a weapon during a crime, such as carrying a gun during a robbery – even if the firearm is not real.

Many firearms offences have minimum sentences ranging from 1-5 years. Maximum sentences range from six months to life imprisonment. A strong and knowledgable defence is crucial to ensuring a successful outcome.

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