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The movement of goods and the collection of duties in and out of Canada are controlled under the Customs Act; however, this act is not to be confused with a taxing statute. Some of the offenses that exist under the Custom Act include:

  • Issuing false statements when asked to give statements pursuant to the Customs Act
  • Smuggling goods into Canada
  • Destroying records to avoid compliance with the Customs Act
  • Evading any payments of duties that are owed
  • Making false records to avoid compliance with the Customs Act


The punishments for violating the Customs Act will vary, depending on the type of offense you have committed. Some customs act offenses are less severe as others. For example, if you falsely undervalued personal goods when you passed through customs, the legal consequences may not be as severe as someone convicted of multinational corporate structures. Being convicted of customs act offenses could lead to imprisonment or a fine, depending on which offense and the circumstances surrounding the offense that you have been charged with.

If you have been charged with a customs act offense, you should contact a lawyer immediately. The Law Office of Kalina & Tejpal can help you with your customs act offenses. We will work hard to make sure your rights are not compromised at any time. Our experience, resources and knowledge ensure that you receive the best defense possible.

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