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Kidnapping, or abduction, is a criminal offense that is punishable by time in prison. If you have been charged with abduction, you should contact the Law Office of Kalina & Tejpal immediately. If convicted, we can determine which defense to take for your case, in order to keep you from receiving a harsh sentence; we may even have your case dismissed altogether. Failing to hire a lawyer for your abduction offense could have severe legal consequences.

What is abduction?

When someone is taken against their will and relocated, this is considered abduction. If you take a person out of their home, or the country using physical force, this is abduction. It is illegal to threaten someone to leave with you as well. False imprisonment is a form of abduction, and is punishable harshly by a court of law.

Although individuals could be charged with abducting an adult, most abduction cases in Canada involve children. Child abduction typically takes place in divorce cases, or instances where parents are unwed.


Sometimes you could be accused of abducting your child, but the truth is, it was an honest mistake. Perhaps you were confused about your parenting schedule, or you thought the other parent had given you permission to leave Canada with the child. Before you can be convicted of abduction, the court will have to prove that you did in fact abduct the child without the other parent’s consent. If we can prove that it was a mistake, we could have the case dismissed, and help you avoid jail time, or having your parental rights taken away.

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