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Being convicted of forgery could impact your criminal record, and prohibit you from finding future employment, long after the offense was committed. With an experienced lawyer on your side, you could fight these charges, and possibly have your sentence reduced, or the case successfully defended. The Law Office of Kalina & Tejpal will work to ensure that your rights are protected, and that you have the best defense possible.

What is forgery?

When a person creates, alters, or uses fake documents with a sole purpose of defrauding a business, organization, or person, this is considered forgery. There are various types of forgery charges, but most individuals forge the following documents:

  • Personal Checks
  • Contracts
  • Driver’s Licenses
  • Financial Documents
  • Identification Cards
  • Legal Documentation

Forgery also includes credit card fraud. Replicating art is also a form of forgery, along with replicating stamps, money, and coins. Passing along transfers is considered forgery, and the crime has serious repercussions. Even though you may not be the person who originally forged the documents, you will still be prosecuted if the courts believe you had the intent to provide the forged documents to another person.
You will need to contact a lawyer immediately if you have been charged with forgery. The penalties associated with forgery are strict, including jail time and fines. An experienced, skilled lawyer will make a significant difference to your future.

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