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Being charged with theft could lead to serious legal consequences, but an experienced lawyer can help defend you in the court of law, and possibly have your case dismissed, or if conviction, your sentence reduced.

What is Theft?

When you take something from someone – without their permission – that is considered theft. Property that does not belong to you cannot be removed without permission from its owner. This applies to private citizens, as well as businesses. If you take an item from a store without purchasing it, that is considered shoplifting or theft. There are other types of theft, including theft from an employer, which is considered to be more serious than shoplifting. All of these instances are punishable in the court of law.

Theft Defenses

Having an experienced lawyer is highly recommended if you have been charged with theft. Some possible defenses your attorney can take include:

  • Ownership of Property or Claim of Right – If you are able to establish that you are the rightful owner of the property, or that you had a valid claim to the property, this defense could apply to you.
  • Intoxication – Being intoxicated at the time of the theft could be used as a defense if you are able to prove that you were intoxicated at that time. If you did not form the idea to steal with a clear mind, you could be considered under an intoxicated state.
  • Entrapment – If you committed the crime, but you were induced to do so in order for a person, employer, or any other individual to prosecute you, entrapment could be used as your defense. You did not have the idea to steal, but you were lured into doing so by the party who is prosecuting you.
  • Return of Property – Although returning the property does not provide a solid defense, it will have a significant positive impact on lessening your sentence.

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