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If you have been charged with criminal harassment, it is important that you contact a lawyer immediately. The Law Office of Kalina & Tejpal can take on your criminal harassment case, ensuring that you receive the best legal defense possible. We will develop strategies to help you either defend your case completely, or secure a lesser sentence. Failing to hire an experienced lawyer could result in the criminal harassment charges leading to a conviction, as well as a negative impact on your future.

What is criminal harassment?

You are not permitted to annoy, harass, or frighten someone at any time; however, if you repeat this behavior, it is considered criminal harassment. If you display any unwanted conduct that is obsessive towards another person without their consent, or “lawful authority”, you could be charged with criminal harassment.

Criminal harassment charges should not be compared to domestic charges; those are two separate offenses.

In order to be convicted of criminal harassment, the courts must prove the accused:

  • Has been repeatedly following the victim
  • Has repeatedly attempted to communicate with the victim, without the victim’s consent
  • Employed threatening conduct towards the victim, or members of the victim’s family

The complainant must prove that they displayed reasonable fear during the times he or she was allegedly harassed. Failing to prove these instances could result in a dismissed case.

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