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What is the Extradition Act?

Under the Extradition Act, Canada has the legal responsibility and right to extradite a person to another country, as long as the person being extradited is currently in Canada, and the country he or she will be going to is one of Canada’s extradition partners. An extradition partner is:

  • A country that Canada has an extradition agreement with (multilateral conventions and bilateral treaties)
  • Any country that Canada has entered into a case-specific agreement with
  • Countries or International Courts that appear in the schedule of the Extradition Act

The Process

If you feel that you are being extradited illegally, there are steps we can take to stop this process. Before you can be extradited, a Minister of Justice must issue an Authority to Proceed. After the Authority to Proceed has been issued, the courts must accept that your extradition is justifiable. There needs to be sufficient evidence to validate this legal process. If we can prove that you should not be extradited, we can stop the process altogether, and keep you from being sent to another country or international court.  There is also an appeal process and lastly the Minister of Justice must authorize the extradition.

The Law Office of Kalina & Tejpal can help you better understand the Extradition Act and how it applies to you. We will make sure that your rights are protected, to the full extent of the law. We will ensure that you are treated fairly during the process.

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