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Covid Community Resources

Covid Community Resources


(As of April 15, 2020)

**Please note resources are changing on a daily basis, connect directly with the resource to get most updated info.


Employment support

Employment Supports for Ontario Works (OW) clients

Access Employment

COVID-19 update: Some essential service employers still hiring, but employment options are limited. Consultants are available to discuss employment options or alternatives such as EI or CERB below. Services can be used to update resume and complete online tools or trainings as needed. Call for appmt.

Mississauga Tel: 905.361.2522

Brampton Tel: 905.454.2316

Employment Ontario: https://www.ontario.ca/page/employment-ontario

Live Chat and Phones not available, use website or Email: [email protected] or connect with associated service provider below:

Family Services of Peel

E-Mail: [email protected]

Phone: 905-366-0322

John Howard Society



YMCA Mississauga

Tel: 905-276-9322, ext. 210


Region of Peel Social Services: Employment Supports

People already receiving Social assistance (OW), can contact their case worker for employment supports, however, new activations may be restricted. These supports may include job placements and placement benefits (employment assistance activities cost recovery (ie. transportation, extended health benefits, job placement cost recovery (ie work boots). https://www.peelregion.ca/help/employment-support/

Contact your already assigned supports. Office sites are closed.

Region of Peel Social Services Dept: 905-793-9200

Financial support

How do I know whether to apply for EI or CERB? If you have stopped working because of COVID-19, you should apply for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB), whether or not you are eligible for Employment Insurance (EI). CERB is available from March 15 to October 3, 2020. If eligible for EI and who have lost their job, continue to apply for EI. https://www.canada.ca/en/services/benefits/ei/cerb-application/questions.html
Canadian Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) If you have LOSTINCOME due to COVID-19 and NOT voluntarily quit. Also covers quarantine, recovering from COVID-19 illness, caring for children due to COVID closures, etc. Provides up to $500/week or $2000 monthly up to 16 weeks. If you don’t qualify for EI, or CERB and are in financial need, review Social Assistance (OW) below. For eligibility, application dates, etc:

Update: Some previously not eligible can now apply (see website below), expedited assessment period active, retroactive payments, and quick payment occurring.

https://www.canada.ca/en/services/benefits/ei/cerb-application.htmlOr contact: 1-800-959-2019

Employment Insurance & Sickness Benefits If you have Lost Employment such as layoff, one week waiting period is waived and medical certificate requirement also waived. Max payout during COVID-19 period will be raised to equal CERB payments for up to 16 weeks (see above) and outside of this, max payout is $573 weekly. If you don’t qualify for EI, or CERB and are in financial need, review Social Assistance (OW) below. https://www.canada.ca/en/services/benefits/ei/ei-regular-benefit/apply.html


Social Assistance (Ontario Works or OW) Must be in financial need (your household doesn’t have sufficient financial resources to meet basic living expenses) & be willing to make reasonable efforts to find work (suspended due to COVID-19) https://www.mcss.gov.on.ca/en/mcss/programs/social/ow/apply.aspx

Mississauga Phone: (905) 793-9200

Brampton Phone: (905) 793-9200

Those already receiving OW and Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) Expanded Emergency Assistance Program

Those already receiving OW or ODSP, emergency benefits are available due to COVID-19 such as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), transportation, child care, food, clothing, etc.

Your caseworker can use extra “discretionary benefits”. Contact your case worker or request through your online account, MyBenefits, to apply or inquire.


Or apply online: https://www.mcss.gov.on.ca/en/mcss/programs/social/apply_online.aspx

Student Loans Interest From March 30 to September 30, 2020 Suspension of repayments of Canada Student Loans and Canada Apprentice Loans and all Pre-authorized debits will be stopped with No interest accrued. https://www.pca-cal.ca or https://www.csnpe-nslsc.canada.ca/en/home
For Your Employer:

Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy

For businesses to cover up to 75% of employee wages to continue payroll and can show at least 30% loss in revenue (updated: can show 15% loss from early 2020 also). Employers can apply through the Canada Revenue Agency’s My Business Account portal. Employees cannot receive this from their employer and CERB within specific time periods. For employers not eligible, they may be able to receive 10% subsidy. https://www.canada.ca/en/department-finance/news/2020/04/the-canada-emergency-wage-subsidy.html
Enhanced GST Credit One time special payment by early May which doubles max annual payments. Average boost to those already eligible will be close to $400 for single person and close to $600 for couples. You Must file your income taxes. Call: 1-800-387-1193.https://www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/campaigns/covid-19-update/covid-19-benefits-credits-support-payments.html#new
Ontario Guaranteed Annual Income System for Seniors (GAINS) Low-income seniors may qualify for monthly Guaranteed Annual Income System payments. From April 2020, GAINS payments will automatically be doubled for 6 months. Apply when filing income taxes. https://www.ontario.ca/page/guaranteed-annual-income-system-payments-seniors Or call CRA: 1-877-627-6645
Credit Card Interest Credit Cards through the major Canadian banks announced interest rate reductions of about half. Contact your financial institution for more info.
Student Loans Payment and interest accrual relief x 6 months.


Housing Support

Evictions No new eviction orders will be issued until further notice. Scheduled enforcement of evictions is postponed. http://www.sjto.gov.on.ca/ltb/contact/ or https://www.peelregion.ca/coronavirus/housing/

Or call the Landlord tenant Board: 1-888-332-3234

Emergency Shelter

Abuse related

With Children

-With spouse or Single female25+

Single male 25+

Youth 16-25

Youth 16-24

Currently operating a Homelessness Isolation Program for those clients being tested for COVID and awaiting test results. Also ready to open a COVID Homelessness Recovery Site on confirmation of a positive test result. Primary Care doctor, nurse practitioner, paramedics all supporting these sites.

Please call and notify if you are in need of self-isolation due to COVID-19 or are COVID-19 positive.


Find an emergency shelter: https://www.peelregion.ca/housing/shelters/

or call the Region of Peel, 905-453-1300. Before attending, call first to make arrangements:

Interim Place North: 905-676-8515, Interim Place South: 905-403-9691

Family Life Resource Centre: 905-451-4115, Peel Family Shelter: 905-272-7061

Peel Family Shelter: 1767 Dundas St. East, Mississauga, 905-272-7061

Cawthra Shelter: 2500 Cawthra Road, Mississauga, 905-281-1272

Cawthra Shelter 2500 Cawthra Road, Mississauga, 905-281-1272 or

Wilkinson Shelter 15 Wilkinson Road, Brampton, 905-452-1335

Our Place Peel:3579 Dixie Road, Mississauga, 905-238-1383

• Shelter, case management, housing, counseling, and family and natural supports reconciliation

• For Outreach Services Contact: 416.668.5705 or [email protected]

• For Family Reconciliation OR Mental Health supports: 647.999.3058, [email protected]

Brampton Queen Street Youth Shelter: 3458 Queen St. East, Brampton, 905-791-2334

Rental Support

For Tenants

For Landlords:

These measures should be in place for all tenants inclusive of those paying market rent.

· Accommodating late or missing rent payments and allowing for payment arrangements to be made once the emergency situation is resolved.

· Not charging tenants any bank fees including insufficient funds (NSF).

· Allowing tenants to cancel preauthorized rental payments.

· No late fees being applied to any member accounts.

Other tenancy concerns: http://www.sjto.gov.on.ca/ltb/help-for-tenants/

Speak to you landlord about accommodations due to Covid-19.

If this creates financial hardship for you, please contact your Housing Specialist at the Region.

Property Tax Rebates, Deferrals and Credits Apply for a Property Tax rebate for low income seniors or persons with disabilities.


Contact your municipality 311 city services,

Mississauga application:http://www7.mississauga.ca/documents/FormsOnline/2536.pdf

Property Tax Deferral: Brampton

Brampton has waived the interest and late fees on tax payments for five months in response to COVID-19. Brampton allows residents to pay these taxes by August 19, 2020 without penalty. https://www.brampton.ca/EN/residents/Taxes-Assessment/taxation/Pages/payment-options.aspx

Property Tax Deferral: Mississauga

April, May and June interim property tax due dates are deferred by 90 days.

Notices will be sent to all impacted taxpayers advising of the new due dates and other relevant information. https://web.mississauga.ca/city-of-mississauga-news/covid-19/relief-for-residents/

The stormwater charge has been deferred for 90 days.


Rent Deferral for People living in City of Mississauga owned properties


Ontario Energy and Property Tax Credit

This credit helps low- to moderate-income individuals with property taxes The credit is part of the Ontario Trillium Benefit. You must file your income taxes to receive this.


Homelessness Prevention Funds McEvenue Home Works: Can provide up to a maximum of $1000 to assist with maintaining safe and affordable housing in Peel and Dufferin, when funds are available.


Tel: 905- 451 2123 or 1-877-451-2123 or Email: [email protected]

Utilities and Hydro Special customer service rules for low-income customers
The Ontario Energy Board has special rules in place to ensure low-income customers are treated fairly (eg. waiving security deposits, longer payback periods for arrears and longer grace periods before being disconnected). For more info, contact your local utility provider. https://www.oeb.ca/rates-and-your-bill/help-low-income-consumersOntario Hydro: Time of use rates suspended. Hydro will charge the low amount only Ontario Electricity Support Program (OESP)Help for low-income customers with electricity with ongoing monthly on-bill credits. Must have a total household income that falls below a certain limit to qualify (eg. home with four people and income of $37K is credited $51/month. Apply here: https://www.oeb.ca/rates-and-your-bill/help-low-income-consumers/ontario-electricity-support-programOr call 1-855-831-8151Low-income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP)COVID-19 update: LEAP program has been expanded.

If behind or in arrears on electricity or natural gas bill and face service disconnection, you may qualify for this emergency financial help. Low-income customers can get up to $500 for electricity and $500 for natural gas.

Contact your electricity or natural gas provider and you will be sent to the social service agency serving your area whom will assess and help: https://www.oeb.ca/rates-and-your-bill/help-low-income-consumers/low-income-energy-assistance-program

Ontario Energy and Property Tax Credit

Helps low-to moderate-income individuals with property taxes and sales tax on energy. The credit is part of the Ontario Trillium Benefit. You must file your income taxes to receive this.

Region of Peel: Help with Utility Bills to avoid Utility cutoff or eviction

http://www.peelregion.ca/help/past-due-bills/ or call: 905-793-9200

Mortgage payment arrears Increased flexibility for homeowners facing financial difficulties to defer mortgage payments, loan re-amortization, and special payment arrangements through their financial institution.


Services and Housing in the Province Subsidized, supportive, transitional, youth and crisis housing available with varying availability. See Mental Health Supports section for more info.

Access to Health Care

Telehealth Ontario Get fast, free medical advice through Telehealth Ontario. If you have questions about COVID-19, please take this self-assessment to determine if you need to seek further care before calling Telehealth Ontario.

Self-Assessment site: https://covid-19.ontario.ca/self-assessment/#q0

Telehealth: https://www.ontario.ca/page/get-medical-advice-telehealth-ontario


Peel Public Health Learn about how to get tested for COVID-19.

Call: 905-799-7700, https://www.peelregion.ca/coronavirus/testing/#assess

OHIP coverage • 3 month waiting period for OHIP is waived

• Previously un-insured COVID-19 patients are provided with coverage

• Health Card expiry dates extended. Red and white card usage extended.


Free Online Walk-in Clinic OHIP covered Virtual Walk-in Clinic. Register with OHIP card then enter the Queue to speak with a doctor

Ontario has implemented new processes to allow physicians to offer virtual healthcare. Telemedicine is the delivery of healthcare using technology- whether that’s text, audio or video. https://cover.health/

Rapid Access Addiction Medicine Clinic (RAAM Clinic) – CMHA Peel At this time you must call us at before attending any sites as there are currently no walk-in appointments available. Dufferin and Bramalea Locations still operating (Rexdale, Bolton, Peel Memorial, & Mississauga Sites may be on hold). https://cmhapeeldufferin.ca/programs-services/rapid-access-addiction-medicine-clinic-raam/ or call: 905-451-2123, 1-877-451-2123

Legal Support

Criminal Court matters

Legal Aid Ontario

If you have a court date coming up, please review as you may not need to attend. Many out of custody court appearances will automatically be adjourned for 10 weeks. Visit the below to find out more info about court closures.


Visit the below to find out about when your court appearance is changed to:


These dates could be changed again so visit back and/or contact your lawyer. The Peel A. Grenville Court (905) 456-4700. Legal Aid/duty counsel is listed below. If you have an urgent issue (with your case, speak to your lawyer or legal aid.

All District offices across province closed and all staff pulled from courthouses. Must contact call centre to be triaged. Interim COVID-19 procedures such as waiving financial and legal testing on certain cases in response to helping the most vulnerable clients such as In custody clients, Domestic Violence and Child protection matters.

www.lao.on.ca or call 1-800-668-8258

Other Legal Support North Peel Legal Clinic (Brampton and area)

Offices closed. Call 905-455-0160 or email [email protected]

Or use online intake form on website: https://www.northpeeldufferinjustice.ca/

Mississauga Legal Clinic

Offices closed. Contact through: https://www.mississaugalegalclinic.ca/ or 905-896-2050

John Howard Society Modified service to clients. Please leave a message to canvass.

https://johnhoward.on.ca/peel-halton-dufferin/services/, Call: 905.459.2205

Mental Health & Justice Services -CMHA Peel Court diversion, release from custody planning & support, justice housing, justice case management, court navigation and court support. If you have mental health, have a pending court case and need clarification on court cases during covid-19 pandemic you can contact: 905-456-4700 ext. 5663 or 5666

Family Support

Canada Child Benefit Eligible will receive up to $300 per child more through their regular CCB payments. The average family could receive around $550 more. Other provincial and transitional child benefits yet to be affected. https://www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/services/child-family-benefits/canada-child-benefit-overview.htmlOr call 1-800-387-1193
Support for Families While schools and child care centres are closed, apply for funding to offset the cost of learning at home. Eligible parents will receive a one-time per child payment of:

$200 for children aged 0 to 12 and/or $250 for children or youth above 12.

*Healthcare workers accessing funded daycare can still apply. Apply here: https://www.ontario.ca/page/get-support-families or call: 1-888-444-3770

Emergency Child care for Essential Service workers Apply with the Region for funded childcare if you meet the government criteria and Municipal criteria. http://www.peelregion.ca/coronavirus/childcare/


Alternative Child care options and Subsidy If you are not eligible, but still need child care, licensed home based child care is available in Peel. For more information, visit infopeel.ca or call Child Development Resource Connection Peel (CDRCP) at 905-890-9432.

Apply for a Child care Subsidy: http://www.peelregion.ca/children/apply-for-subsidy/

PCHS Punjabi Community Health Services: See Mental Health Supports section below. Other mental health services may be able to assist through appropriate system access outlined in Mental Health Supports.

Income Tax Support

Extended Income Tax deadline

Income Tax support

Free Income Tax Clinics

Mississauga tax Clinics-

**Some Government financial supports are provided by filing income taxes.

(ie. GST rebate, Child Benefit, Ontario Trillium Benefit, Seniors homeowner property tax grant, Guaranteed Income System for Seniors)

• Deadline for income tax filing is extended to June 1/20 with tax payments due Sept 1/20.

Outreach Officers help you understand obligations and benefits https://www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/campaigns/covid-19-update/covid-19-outreach-liaison-officer-services.html#outreach1-800-387-1193

To find a Clinic in your area go to:


Call and book appointment, some clinics services have changed since COVID-19.

Seva Food Bank -(905) 361-7382

EMATAX CANADA -(647) 978-6618

Peorgrace Account and Business Consulting Inc. Tax Clinic -(647) 272-3991

Food Support

Immediate Access

Community Food Pantries

Support for Homeless

Retail Grocery Changes


Brampton– COVID-19 Social Support Task Force- Fill out the form andcontact 311.


Mississauga: contact 311 to enquire as services and funding continues to evolve.

Many local places of worship have small food pantries for their community, but have chosen not to list with the Region of Peel. You can always approach your local place of worship.

Peel Outreach Services 1-877-848-8481 may be able to assist with those experiencing homelessness (see Services for Vulnerable Individuals).

Large grocery retailers provide designated time to seniors and vulnerable persons. These hours are first thing in the morning generally, but check with your local grocer.

Shoppers Drug Mart and Rexall are prioritizing time for seniors and persons with disabilities medication delivery. Rexall also offering 20% discount on Tuesdays until 10am.

Brampton Food Programs Food banks, Food delivery, pantries, breakfasts, meal programs, etc.


Or call 211

Salvation Army Brampton and North Peel- 9395 Bramalea Rd, –905 791 1085

RedemptionCommunity Meal Program (Soup Kitchen):2 Wellington st, (647) 741 8469

Gurdwara Sikh SangatCommunity Meal Program (Soup Kitchen):32 Regan Rd, (416) 996 4355

Sri Guru Nanak Sikh –Community Meal Program (Soup Kitchen): 99 Glidden, (416) 996 4355

Sai Dham Food BankMulti-service (Food bank, Soup kitchen, Food delivery, Community garden): 8 Automatic Rd, Unit 2A Phone: (905) 956 2646 437 988 4422 647 291 3838

  • COVID-19 PRIORITY – Delivering food to seniors, assisting with YMCA Breakfast Program in Malton through deliveries.

Saint Vincent de Paul St. John Fisher Conference- Food bank: 300 Balmoral Dr, 905 790 2479

· Food Vouchers delivered by volunteers as quickly as possible

Saint Vincent de Paul St. Leonard’s ConferenceFood bank: 187 Conestoga Rd: 905 846 5385

· Emergency food service for those in need. Food and or food vouchers delivery

Regeneration Brampton- 156 Main Street North: 905.796.5888

Changes to service: Food will be served for takeout only, dining room closed.

· Emergency Food Bank is running at the Regeneration Thrift Store at 253 Queen St East, Brampton and is open on Wednesdays from 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM

Knights Table-116 Kennedy Rd South, Unit 6: Contact 905.454.8725

• Changes to services: Food will be served for take-out only, Dining room closed.
• Food Bank support is available through pre-packed hampers that will be distributed to our regular service users. Wednesdays – Fridays 10:00am -4:00pm

• Also has Pantry program, breakfast, and baked goods program.

United Sikhs

Langar (free vegetarian meal) may be picked up daily.

Guru Nanak Mission Centre, 585 Guru Nanak Street

Contact: 905-672-2245, 905-799-2682 or 647-287-4644

Mississauga Food Programs Food banks, Food delivery, pantries, breakfasts, meal programs, etc.


Or call 211

The Mississauga Food Bank

This central food bank in Mississauga, providing food through a network of 44 agencies.

Home Delivery for seniors and people with chronic illness and disability.

COVID-19 update: Neighbourhood food banks are providing hampers of food based on the number of people in a household. Call: 905 270 5589


The Compass Foodbank is providing food hampers. You have the option to order ahead and customize your hamper. You can also visit for food once a week on Monday, Wednesday or Friday. Call 905-274-9309.

Eden Food For Change is operating regular hours with food hampers. Call 905-785-3651.

Other Free Meal Delivery

(Generally for Seniors & people w Disabilities)

MISK Islamic Society of Canada

Supplies and Groceries Delivery Service for Peel Region

FREE DELIVERY of essential supplies for Seniors, adults w disabilities, people w underlying medical condition risks (those unable to shop independent during COVID-19).

Call: 647-970-3491 or Email: [email protected]

Good Neighbour Project GTA

Task force of volunteers offering FREE DELIVERY of essential supplies for Seniors, adults w disabilities, people w underlying medical condition risks (those unable to shop independent during COVID-19). Call: 647-873-2230

Sai Dham Food Bank: call: 437-988-4422(905) 956-2646 or email: [email protected]

• Food Bank – home delivery of non-perishable food. Delivered to door monthly to residents of Brampton, Caledon, Mississauga

• Covid-Breakfast Program– delivering breakfast to children at home
• Family to Families Program– free food delivery to individuals with special needs


Meals on Wheels is still operating, and accepting new referrals at a $cost, contact:

Brampton905-453-4140, Caledon905 857-7651, Mississauga905-821-3254

Good Neighbour Mobile offered by Knights Table, call 905-454-8725

City of Brampton food and med delivery for seniors, call 311 or email[email protected]

Food Bank 2 Home delivery service offered by Mississauga Food Bank for seniors aged 65+, call 905-270-5589

Good Neighbour Project GTA offering grocery and supplies delivery for seniors and adults with disabilities during COVID-19, call 647-873-2230

Roots Community Services offering help with grocery and medication pickup, call:

Brampton – 905-455-6789 , Mississauga – 905-455-6789

Solel Synagogue volunteers available to pick up and deliver groceries, medicine, or other necessities to your doorstep, call 905-820-5915

Delivery of other supplies Angels for COVID-19: Relief delivers new clothing, blankets, hygiene products and food across the GTA, including Peel. Contact Alizeh Jaffrey ([email protected])

Mental Health Supports

Immediate access to a Mental Health Worker Community members and clients looking for mental health and addictions support can call:

A team of mental health workers are ready to respond immediately to your mental health needs. We have a range of virtual services including groups, telephone support and, if deemed urgent, a community visit to assist you. https://cmhapeeldufferin.ca/news/resources-to-protect-your-health-safety-and-well-being-during-covid-19/

For Services at 905-451-2123 (8am to 8pm Monday to Friday)

• New virtual check in groups have been created for CMHA clients


(Peer Support Initiative)

Remote programming. Referrals still accepted and peer Navigators are working and can answer questions regarding TEACH Programming. Virtual groups are being piloted with existing peer members.

http://shhalton.org/PSlanding.html, or www.t-e-a-c-h.org, call 905-845-9212 Ext. 390

Punjabi Community Health Services Services by telephone. For mental health, addictions and seniors services call: 906-677-0889 ext 147

For settlement service call 905-677-0889 ext 101, family children and youth call: 905-677-0889 ext 221


Adult System access MH LHIN (one-Link) First point of access to mental health system in Mississauga.

Service coordinators have knowledge of COVID-19 modified access and services.

https://one-link.ca/ or call: 905-338-4123

Trillium Health Partners ReLinc– Case Management program continuing to work with clients mostly utilizing phone, video-con and encouraging other online resources. Responding to emergent issues of housing, transportation, food security, medication, and financial security. Community referrals will be limited due to current clients and hospital needs. Referrals go through one-Link above.


Other Ambulatory Mental Health & Addictions programs will also have limitations due to hospital COVID-19 needs also. Speak with one-Link about current access or alternatives. http://trilliumhealthpartners.ca/patientservices/mentalhealth/ambulatoryCareOutpatientServices/Pages/default.aspx

Services and Housing in the Province • Central intake continues to respond to queries and provides information at the front door

• Supportive housing / case management services have been modified depending on need: face to face when clinically necessary, primary contact for clients is telephone. Exploring technology for continued group work. Responding to client social isolation and food security issues.

• For more information or to apply for service, go to: https://shipshey.ca/application

or contact central intake: 1-905-795-8742

Children’s System Access Peel (Where To Start) First point of access for children’s mental health services including: Associated Youth Services of Peel, Trillium Health Partners, William Osler Health System. Nexus youth services is being amalgamated also.

tel:905-451-4655 Email: [email protected], go to: https://wheretostart.ca/request-an-intake/

Addictions ** see mental health supports

Alcoholic Anonymous Mississauga: Most if not all, in-person meetings cancelled. Online meetings available:


Mississauga: (416) 487-5591 or 1(877) 404-5591

[email protected]

Brampton: Many listings not updated. Some list online options.


Brampton: (416) 487-5591 or (877) 404-5591

Concurrent Case management and Crisis Intervention (Mississauga) Concurrent Case Management and Concurrent Crisis Intervention programs offered by multiple agencies can be accessed through one-Link (see Mental Health Supports above). In particular, CMHA Halton is offering service by virtual methods including telephone support and Zoom. Contact one-Link or visit www.cmhahrb.ca, or call CMHA Halton Information and Referral line at (905) 315-8664.
Trillium Health Partners See Mental Health Supports Section
Peel Assessment Addiction Referral Centre Addictions Counselling and telephone supports are being provided. Groups are currently suspended. CALED program may still be visiting hospital, and some community based service on a case-by-case basis. Call intake line to discuss supports. Clinical Intake Worker — (905) 629-1007, extension 222 or 0
RAAM Clinic Rapid Access Addiction Medicine Clinic (RAAM Clinic): see Access to Health Care section above.
William Osler Withdrawal Management Minimal service changes, Operating 24/7, 135 McLaughlin Road South, Brampton

http://www.williamoslerhs.ca/patients-and-families/programs-services/mental-health-and-addictions/addictions-services-for-adults. Call Tel: 905 456 3500

Developmental Services

Kerry’s Place • Families/individuals still able to access any services (consultations, community participation with goals reworked) previously accessed via phone or video-con.

• Offering support online and working to adapt other offering (ie. workshops, training, etc) to meet family’s needs during this time. We have the following page of covid-19 related resources available for families to access on our website; https://www.kerrysplace.org/covid-19-resources/

• Also working closely with the Developmental Services Ontario to streamline the process for families looking for consultation support. They can contact our team directly rather than going through DSO intake process. We encourage families to reach out to let us know what services would be useful to them at this time. Call: 905-457-1130 ext. 250, email ([email protected]), and/or subscribe to our newsletter https://www.kerrysplace.org/newsletter/

Peel Crisis Capacity Network PCCN crisis line continues to run as normal. Intake assessments, safety plans and active clients supported/completed by phone. http://www.pccn.caCall 905-273-4900

1. Currently Working with service resolution and MCCSS to plan for the financial needs of families who require respite due to unanticipated school closures. Contact for more info.


Catholic Family Services of Peel Office walk-ins are closed. Providing support services on the telephone

https://cfspd.com/ or call 905-450-1608 ext. 112

Family Services of Peel Daily walk-in clinic suspended. Daily phone “call-in” counselling and support offered. Currently call-ins are Monday through Friday 9am-5pm. https://fspeel.org/services/counselling/ or call: 905-453-5775.
Where.To.Start Modified Child and Youth counselling options available through Children’s system above.
Tangerine (youth counselling) All Tangerine Walk-In Counselling locations have been closed, but offering 45-minute telephone-based brief consultations on Wednesdays and Thursdays.


To book go to: http://tangerinewalkin.com/request-appointment or call: 905-795-3530

Crisis Response

Peel Regional Police Peel Police deploying most of their uniformed officers to assist front lines (including the Community Mobilization unit). Services will be limited however mental health coordinator and the elder abuse coordinator will be deemed essential and are available but may change.

Officers and service providers can contact Community Mobilization either via email or by phone to make referrals. If you provide us with client information, we can contact that client by phone or via email. We also continue to participate in case conference calls.

Call: 905-453-3311

COAST (905-278-9036) and MCRRT (911) continue to be dispatched however the mental health professional (CMHA Peel) is virtual from an app on a phone. Officers will still attend for persons in crisis.

Vulnerable person registry re-instated due to community needs identified. https://www.peelpolice.ca/en/services/vulnerable-persons-registry.aspx?_mid_=2085

CMHA Peel 24.7 Crisis Support line at 905-278-9036 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
Crisis Beds- SHIP Mental health and Justice crisis beds continues to operate in Brampton and Mississauga.

Intake coordinator during business hours: 416 553 1288. Afterhours contact locations directly:

Brampton: 905-460-0107 Mississauga: 905-279-9294 Or go to: https://shipshey.ca/?q=node/83

Peel Children’s Centre Crisis Response Service-service continues to operate 24/7 with phone based crisis services only, no mobile visits at this time.

Services for Vulnerable Individuals (ie. Seniors, disabilities)

Various services


Municipal Services 311

Brampton Seniors support task force

United Way provided with gov’t funding transferred to 211 for new/modified services for vulnerable people such as funded food delivery for seniors. 211 still planning practical use of funds. Check with 211 for updates (as of April 3/20). https://211ontario.ca/

311 is the contact for city/municipal services navigation.

311 Brampton:https://www.311brampton.ca

311 Mississauga:https://web.mississauga.ca/home/contact-us/


For seniors by assigning volunteers to assist with: grocery shopping, medication pickups and other errands. For seniors who cannot financially afford basic items or do not have a credit card, please contact our Social Support Task Force at 311 or email [email protected]

Behavioural Supports Ontario Continuing to accept referrals through Home and community care (CW LHIN).

BSO nurses in central west are doing caregiver support virtually and caregiver strategies to address personal expressions and clinical issues.

https://centralwest.behaviouralsupportsontario.ca/, call 905-796-0040 ext 7888

Street Outreach Responsive, mobile, multi-disciplinary team that meets people where they are at, targeting people who are homeless to provide support, advocacy and referrals to help people with their basic needs.

Call the Street Helpline: 1-877-848-8481

Vulnerable Populations

(Group homes, Respite, Indigenous Healing, Gender-based violence, etc)

Residential Relief Fund

Will help to manage the health and safety of children, youth and adults supported in residential settings, as well as the staff who support them. COVID-19 related funding will be provided upon request to agencies with residential service programs (eg. Complex special needs, child welfare, Youth Justice, out of home respite, gender violence, indigenous healing and residential, developmental services, etc.) For questions or additional information, agencies should contact their ministry Program Supervisor/MCCSS Contact. https://www.mcss.gov.on.ca/en/mcss/crrf.aspx

Indigenous Populations Peel Aboriginal Network (The Indigenous Network)

[email protected]

Indigenous Friendship Centre

Centre provides social setting to foster cultural awareness and education, and provides services and support to the Aboriginal community in the Region of Peel

http://www.peelaboriginalnetwork.com/ or call 905 712 4726

CMHA Halton also offering telephone support to clients of the Indigenous Network through the Journey Together partnership.

Indigenous Community Support fund. Indigenous communities will have funds flow to communities for local funding decisions and programs.


Student support #Sheridanhelps A $1M fund to support Sheridan students (domestic and international) in financial need due to COVID-19. Apply here: https://www.sheridancollege.ca/admissions/financial-aid-and-awards/emergency-financial-aid

• Student outreach occurring, particularly with international students. Food available through student union.

Canada Summer Jobs Program: Employers can apply for up to 100% subsidy to hire student (15-30yrs) to promote employment during COVID-19 crisis.

International Students Task Force: Just beginning to organize supports through Indus Community Services. (905) 275-2369

Student Emergency Needs Program

Depending on the need, we can support individual students with food and clothing, medical supplies, eyeglasses, transportation, and assist with other financial needs that result from family crises such as job layoffs and housing challenges. https://www.peellearningfoundation.org/programs/student-emergency-needs?fbclid=IwAR3DdZV3iIA1HM_BkJZzoJtKG8UsjubPl9NYzM-0IZN4VXaHzTVBagYAL2M

If you, or someone you know, needs the support of the Peel Learning Foundation, contact the principal, teacher or staff member at your local school. All requests must be submitted through the school’s principal or vice-principal.

Other Student Supports


Mental Health & Addictions Nurses (MHAN)

In Schools

MHAN continues to offer telephone based support to children and youth between the ages of 4 to 21 registered with the Peel District School Board or Dufferin Peel Catholic District School Board.

Referral pathway remains the same. We accept referrals from: Dufferin Peel Catholic district school board (Kate Hann), Peel District school board (Archie Kwan)and the Brampton Civic Hospital

If you have any questions, contact CWLHIN and request MHAN team: 905-796-0040

Mississauga Halton LHIN also houses a MHAN team: 905-855-9090


Arriving from outside of Canada.



*Legal requirement that all travelers arriving must self-isolate and have a plan to do so which restricts contact from vulnerable persons. https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/diseases/2019-novel-coronavirus-infection/latest-travel-health-advice.html